ACG F.lli Manca S.r.l. was established by the three Manca brothers following their desire to continue the work begun with Ve.MaPlastS.n.c., an enterprise founded in 1986 by Rosa Verone and Salvatore Manca.

It wasn’t long before ACG F.lli Manca had acquired experience in most of the product sectors in the moulding market, including the medical, household appliance, electronic, cosmetic, automotive and furnishing industries.


We offer a complete service that begins with the customer’s idea and ends when the finished product is delivered to the market.
More precisely, we deal with all the various product industrialization processes: from the initial product, developed in collaboration with the customer, to the choice of raw materials, construction of the mould and industrial pre-series through to true production complete with any decorations required and/or assembly of the various different parts.

We also supply assembled parts manufactured in line, on the press and/or with the aid of dedicated fixtures and automated systems.
Our prompt and comprehensive service includes working with the customer when the finished product is distributed. We can also provide customized packaging on request as well as direct shipments to the large-scale retail channel. Thorough assessment of the customers’ needs and customer satisfaction are the strong points of our enterprise.

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