Established in 2007, ACG F.lli Manca S.r.l. manufactures parts made from plastic materials using the injection moulding process.
ACG F.lli Manca combines the expertise of its founders, based on several decades of experience, with on-going investments in technology and innovation for both the products and services offered.
This is why we are able to produce everything our customers ask for with the quality and care that each one expects to receive.

Moulding is just the start…

ACG F.lli Manca handles every single step of the manufacturing process of each individual product, i.e. from moulding to finishing, thus providing a complete and accurate service.

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ACG F.lli Manca Srl Via Roma, 74 20060 - Cassina Dè Pecchi - MI Italy Regristro Imprese MILANO REA 1843792 P.I. / COD. FIS. 05726420960 Capitale Sociale 10.000,00 Euro